Call for partners: Microbiome fermentation for side stream valorisation


Call for partners: Microbiome fermentation for side stream valorisation

The Business Unit Biobased Products from Wageningen Food and Biobased Research (WFBR) wants to strengthen its knowledge with respect to use fermentation as a technology to valorize industrial side streams. In this new project, we want to exploit microorganisms already present in microbiomes of side streams to add functionality by fermentation.

There is a rapidly growing interest to ferment side streams of primary agricultural crops or woody biomass to produce value-added compounds. These side streams are usually sterilized before use, because they contain a tough natural population of microorganisms that will rapidly multiply and dominate any fermentations. Here, we want to exclude extensive and expensive pre-treatment steps by identification and selective exploitation of the existing microbiome for the valorisation of industrial side streams with optimum performance of an endogenous strain.

Analysis and Fermentation

Exploitation of the microbiome requires a detailed analysis and characterization of microorganisms present. Here, the microorganisms will be identified based on morphology and genetics. The behavior of the microbiome and dominating species will be characterized during fermentation using side streams as substrate. The knowledge obtained will be used in a second phase of the project in order to develop a fermentation process  with the microbiome present under preferred conditions for optimal valorization.


We are looking for partners to supply side streams from the agro-food sector with the interest to valorize these side streams by fermentation. We want to include different side stream suppliers to form a consortium for a project funded by the TKI-Agri-Food.

Deadline of the call

August 1st 2019