Cultivation above the ground: blueberry

An innovative cost-effective cultivation system for blueberries is required.

Characteristics of this system are: the hydroponic cultivation is not tight to the soil, a higher fruit quality and a lower cost through efficient utilization of the ground surface, a shortening of the foundation period, higher production and a higher degree of mechanization of the harvest.

The growing system contributes to the minimization of emissions of nutrients and pesticides.

The research program of the Wageningen UR Container Growing blueberry cultivation system runs to 2013 and includes a comparative study of nutrient requirements, research into varieties for cultivation and various experimental explorations. In view of the length of a production cycle of blueberries, a study period of 8 years is required. For the research works PPO of Wageningen UR together with the blueberry growers in the Netherlands. Many supply companies in the field of hydroponic cultivation participate.