Cultivation above the ground: bulbs

Flower bulb production on sandy soils is unable to comply with the future European legislation on water quality as a result of leaching of nutrients.
Soilless cultivation of flower bulbs enables the production of flower bulbs complying with the future legislation on water quality. In addition soilless cultivation could realise a solution for the current problems with soil borne diseases.

Research objectives

developing an environmentally and economically attractive new production system for flower bulbs. In 2013 the research focusses on improving drainage of water in the system and thereby improving bulb quality. The second objective is to analyse the economic perspective of soilless cultivation of flower bulbs.


  • Understanding the cause of limited drainage in the substrate systems and realising a solution
  • Realising good yields and quality of hyacinth and lily grown on substrate;
  • Shortening the growing cycle of hyacinth;
  • Economical perspective and possible sustainability challenge
  • Support from the flower bulb sector;