Dairy consumption, body weight, glucose (in)tolerance, and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

The human population is gaining weight. Simultaneously, an increasing number of people is affected by one or more chronic diseases. One of the most important determinants of this weight gain and chronic disease risk seems to be the change in lifestyle.

We are getting less active, and tend to eat more calories than we expend. As dietary intake is one of the factors that can have a noteworthy impact on body weight and glucose (in)tolerance, it is interesting to gain more detailed information on which dietary factors may be responsible for this.

Several studies have explored the potential relationships between dairy product consumption, anthropometric measures, glucose intolerance, and T2DM, but findings are inconclusive. Part of the inconsistencies may relate to the type of dairy products studied and/or the definition of the dairy product groups under investigation.

Therefore, the aim of this project is to evaluate associations between a variety of dairy products and product groups, anthropometric data, glucose (in)tolerance, and the prevalence and incidence of T2DM, using data of the LifeLines study and the Rotterdam study.

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