Dairy sector development strategy for Myanmar

The Myanmar dairy sector is a sector at early stages of development. The current economic and political environment offer a unique opportunity to rebound to the strong growth era of the seventies and eighties of the previous century. A number of factors hamper the development of the dairy sector, making it difficult to compete with imports of dairy products.

The aim of this project is to define an inspiring model that can form a solid basis for discussion between Myanmar and Dutch public and private actors - whether a dairy cluster approach offers an interesting opportunity that addresses key limitations hampering growth of the Myanmar dairy sector.

An assessment was carried out in the first phase of the project. The assessment explored the current status of the dairy sector in Myanmar, identified likely development pathways, and identified a range of short and medium term opportunities for private and public engagement.

Following the assessment of the dairy sector in Myanmar, this project contributes to the development of a sector strategy by designing dairy clusters, where concentration of input supply and service provision will support production and marketing.