Design and construction of water infrastructure

Building with Nature 'concerns the design and construction of water infrastructure. It makes maximum use of natural processes.

Moreover, anticipation takes place on "autonomous" developments such as climate change and sea level rise. In Building with Nature ecologists and hydraulic engineers search together for a win-win situation for both human ambitions for nature. Interests of safety, naturalness, economic potential, livability and sustainability in Building with Nature come together.

Such an innovative new approach in hydraulic engineering and water management requires the development of new knowledge about the requirements for eco-dynamic design processes, implementation and management. The objective is knowledge and innovations. The Marker / IJsselmeer area is one of the case studies of the program. This area is characterized by a declining environmental quality, conflicting land use and administrative pressure.

Building with Nature offers a perspective on adaptation to climate change along coasts, both scientifically and socially. Building with Nature has a great need for approaches and strategies ato deal with 'competing claims' between human needs and nature on the other hand.