Developing skills learning trajectories in the BSc

This innovation project aims to support students’ skills development by developing learning trajectories (leerlijnen) and related assessment strategies with respect to a range of skills with emphasis on writing, presenting and working in groups.

This project is done for the BSc study programmes Animal Sciences, Biology and Nutrition and Health. We envision that we make students responsible for their own learning by going through the feedback and improvement cycle for each skill at least once in their BSc. Making students responsible for their own learning using a skills portfolio is a way of organising skills education in the BSc. In the BSc courses students will regularly practice with the skills, as a basis for learning, and from there students can choose their own learning goals depending on their needs. They have to show this in their portfolio which they have to hand in at the end of the BSc. This will increase students’ motivation and active participation in their skills education.

Project team