Doing it together in Harderwijk

In June 2017, the municipality of Harderwijk formed a social team. In this team, several parties work together to support citizens who experience problems in multiple life domains. Professionals, citizens and their social environment engage together in a stakeholder dialogue, which initiates a learning process. This approach is evaluated in a responsive evaluation.

In dialogue with citizens and their social environment to handle multiple problems effectivel

In this type of interactive, participatory research, relevant outcomes are determined with the stakeholders. In addition, this project generates products which are of direct use to professionals and municipalities, such as a training with materials.

Problems in multiple life domains

Problems in multiple life domains (work, health, finances, relationships, housing, etc) often go together. For example, when someone loses their employment, this often has as a consequence that income decreases, and stress increases. In turn, this can impact health and relationships. Therefore, an approach for problems in multiple life domains has to target at the entire situation, such as the stakeholder dialogue in this project.