Dutch participation to the European cooperation programme Cost action FP0902

Countries of the European Union have agreed to use more renewable energy such as biomass (e.g. wood). Research methods and results on sustainable biomass production from forests still needs to be harmonized, because different countries used different terminology , so the results can not be compared with each other.


The countries of the European Union have ambitious targets for the share of renewable energy in total energy. All countries must significantly increase its current contribution to these goals. An important form of renewable energy is biomass, and within biomass this is timber.

A handicap for European cooperation is that the different countries have different forestry terminology. This makes research results not easy to compare.

Cost Action FP0902 is aimed at harmonizing and developing research on sustainable biomass production from the forest. The aim of this project is to provide the Dutch participation in the Cost Action. This is important from Dutch perspective to be able to learn from experiences and best practices abroad.