soil profile with crevices


Dutch soil map, part of the Fertilizer Act 2012

On the Soil Map all parcels in the Netherlands are classified by soil type. When land users feel that their land has been incorrectly classified, this can be investigated and if necessary, the map can be adjusted.


In 2005, the Fertilizer Act was published including the Dutch soil map in which soil types of all agricultural areas in the Netherlands are classified. The map also indicates water courses and fertilizer free zones. In the Fertilizer Act, the authorization of manure application standards is categorized by the appointed soil types. Farmers are allowed to protest to the appointed classification of soil types and can apply for alteration of the map. Since 2005, in response to these applications, a number of renewed versions of the map have been released. This soil typification is essential information to farmers, and is available online via the DRILoket (see link). Modified maps are published in the Dutch Bulletin of Acts.