Effect-study on redesigning playgrounds in Rotterdam

As part of a larger effort to upgrade deprived neighbourhoods, a number of schools in Rotterdam is being redeveloped, with special attention paid to making the playground a more green. This social project offers a unique opportunity for an intervention study to assess the effects of such a green redevelopment.


Does redesigning a schoolyard with more natural elements and materials have a positive impact on the wellbeing, development and the natural attitude of the children who make use of this square? And if so, how can the results of the study be used to achieve more successful initiatives for the greening of schoolyards? The measurements show light-optimistic effects of the natural redisign.For example, children who like the square concentrate better after the morning break (on the square) and are currently more positive than children who find it less attractive. The children who play outside quite often are more familiar with nature than other children.