learning and innovation


Entrepeneurial Learning & Innovation

Co-innovation with entrepreneurs has implications for the encouraging role of knowledge institutions and facilitators. It requires additional competences.


The variety of cases in this project shows that there may be various causes for co-innovation processes. The effect may be different in various cultural and institutional contexts. This project examines the conditions for the successful application of co-innovative methodologies in another (external) context. This is done by means of a number of cases.


  • Internal report containing the analytical framework for the cases, an analysis of the individual cases, a comparative analysis of the research questions for 2013.
  • Summary of results and experiences for communication purposes.
  • Scientific publication along with CIS. Presentation in a session on co-innovation on the PURE symposium in March 2013.
  • English booklet with proven approaches of co-innovation and experiences in an international context (late 2013).

Timeline approach

After exploring the cases in 2011, an in-depth study will be made 2012. Both the analysis of the cases as in networking and learning. Activities are:

  • Meeting to develop research framework (Jan / Feb 2012).
  • Workshops for each case in which the research framework specifically made to a research plan for the relevant case (Feb / Mar 2012).
  • Analysis per case (Mar-Oct 2012).
  • Comparing and learning. In parallel with phase 3, the research framework will be elaborated (Oct / Nov 2012).
  • A workshop for colleagues in which the results of the comparative analysis are presented. Identifying the opportunities for new connections and cooperation in 2013 (Nov / Dec 2012).