Environmental sustainability of Bangladesh shrimp industry in the context of climate change

PhD research by Abdullah-al-Masud

Research Challenges

Shrimp industry of Bangladesh has extensive importance in economic and livelihood points of view.

Despite having a huge opportunity, the Shrimp Industry of Bangladesh is struggling, one of the reasons is environmental unsustainability.

Moreover, recently, climate change also put a question mark on the sustainability of the industry.

This study intends to integrate the environmental concern and climate change to make the shrimp industry sustainable and climate adaptive.


The methods are shown by the conceptual framework of the study

Conceptual Framework
Conceptual Framework

Expected Results

The overall goal of the study is to make the shrimp industry greener and climate adaptive to ensure its sustainability. Therefore, the study aim to explore the water footprint of the shrimp industry for better water management. Also, the pollution dynamics will be identify to explore the options to cleaner production. Then, future scenario analysis of climate change on shrimp industry will be analysed. Finally, a climate adaptive sustainability pathways will be formulate to help in the decision making, minimizing the uncertainties.