European Forest Resource analysis tools

Various modelling and mapping tools aim to provide accurate and to the point information concerning European forests, their management and the fulfillment of functions like wood availability, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, etc.

Sustainable European forest management

The European Forest Information SCENario Model (EFISCEN) is a large-scale forest model that projects forest biomass and forestry development on a regional to European scale. This model has been developed together with the European Forest Institute (EFI). Wageningen Environmental Research and EFI own the model. Currently, it is an open source model.

European Forest Resource analyses tools

The model is suitable for the projection of sustainable forest management for a period of 50 to 60 years.

The model uses national forest inventory data as a main source of input to describe the current structure and composition of European forest resources. Based on this information, the model can project forest resources based on scenarios like climate change. These scenarios are mainly determined by management actions, but the model can also take into account changes in forest area, as well as changes in growth e.g. due to climate change.

European forest and climate change

EFISCEN provides information on forest biomass, wood mobilisation, forest carbon and includes indicators related to forest ecosystem services (carbon sequestration, biodiversity, recreation, and disturbances such as wind and fire risk), enabling the assessment of impacts of different policy and sustainable forest management strategies at the national and European level.

EFISCEN-space is its higher resolution version, based on very local data and a different modelling approach.

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