Evaluation of promising strategies for the reinforcement of the spatial coherence within the EHS/Natura 2000-network areas

Because of cuts on the nature and landscape policy, it is important to investigate what strategies are most effective for the preservation of biodiversity.


The PBL has determined that the proposed cuts from the government on the nature and landscape policy, as enshrined in the coalition ‘Freedom and responsibility '(2010), will lead to further deterioration of the quality of nature, landscape and recreational values. This means, that it is difficult to meet the obligations agreed within the EU.
This study aims to:
  • Explore the most effective strategy for the conservation of biodiversity in the areas of the National Ecological Network (EHS) / Natura 2000 network.
  • Presenting good indicators that provide help for the performance of (empirical) evaluation of the effectiveness of measures aimed at improving the spatial coherence.
  • The development of specific guidelines for developing an effective EHS / Natura 2000 network and measuring the effectiveness of measures the spatial coherence within the EHS / Natura 2000 network should increase.