FISHing the closest microbial relative of the eukaryotic cell

My research has focused on the visualization of Asgard archaea using fluorescence in situ hybridization.


Asgard archaea encode several types of proteins previously considered specific for eukaryotes, suggesting a high cellular complexity in prokaryotes. To this end, I am using in situ hybridization and advanced microscopy techniques to image specific subcellular structures in Asgard cells. This would help us to elucidate the cell biology of Asgard archaea cells and to understand how the subcellular complexity of eukaryotes evolved.

Student Projects

- FISHing rare Asgard archaea phyla in Aarhus Bay sediments (MSc project)

- Depth distribution of Asgard archaea in Aarhus Bay sediments (BSc project)

- Visualizing potential phagocytosis by Asgard archaea (MSc Project)

- Membrane staining of Asgard archaea cells (BSc project)

BSc/MSc theses

Thesis projects are available for BSc or MSc students with interest in visualization techniques and imaging technologies. Please contact me via the contact form.