Final goals for Natura 2000-quality

This project aims t achieve a substantiation and documentation of 1) references for quality parameters of habitat types and species and 2) procedures to assess these parameters on an national level.


Information and expertise to evaluate quality parameters of habitat types and species are gathered and used, but the substantiation is not sufficient. The detailed quantification of a favorable quality of habitat types and habitat species makes it possible to work more efficient tot the ultimate objectives for Natura 2000. It is than possible to estimate whether the favorable conservation is fully achievable ecologically.

The Habitats directive obliges the Netherlands to eventually achieve a favorable conservation status at national level of habitat types and species. The directive requires reports every six years. The second report in 2007 was focused on the conservation status of the species and habitat types. In the Dutch report, the quality parameter structure & function for habitat types and the quality of habitat for the species were based mainly on expert judgement. A harmonized procedure to assess these quality parameters is not yet available.