Focus on the future perspective of the student

The future prospects of young people in green MBO (agricultural secondary VET) have a prominent place in this research project. This project aims to fulfil the wishes of green MBO to develop future-oriented education with a focus on 21st century skills.

The approach of co-creation between schools and research partners in practical action research is chosen. The focus on 21st century skills in various green education practices is seen as relevant for the future of the students in terms of work, further education / lifelong learning and citizenship. In four AOCs (agricultural education centres; green secondary VET), educational and teaching practices are studied as case studies. Furthermore, the development of several (green) 21st century skills is studied in the cases. First, schools elaborate on their vision of the desired future perspective using focus groups with various stakeholder groups. Then, reflection (together with labour market and further education) on the teaching practices is central; in each case, 21st century skills are identified to be able to measure the development of students in these skills. In the final phase, case- and context-transcending generic and comprehensive analysis takes place, including reporting and dissemination. The study provides insight into: a) the effect of educational and didactic principles on the development of 21st century skills, b) the concept of ‘future perspective’ and how a school can influence that, and c) for the green sector relevant 21st century skills in relation to the future prospects.