healthy food


Food reformulated

Dutch national policy seeks to facilitate healthy food choices through improved composition of foods. It is difficult for consumers to eat less salt and saturated fat because a significant portion of the intake of these substances comes from eating processed foodstuffs.

Reformulation of foodstuffs (reducing salt and saturated fat, maintaining and adding fibers) might lead to a healthier diet. Specific characteristics of these processed foods - such as flavor, texture and shelf life - are not to change (substantially). In addition, lowering the energy density of products (through fat and / or carbohydrates / sugars) is a possibility.

The food industry has a particular need for insight into the marketing of reformulated foods: Are these foods accepted by consumers or does adaptation take place? This project also looks at removing barriers for food innovation, by providing insight into the impact of reformulating foods on consumer acceptance. Preferably, this should take place in a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) construction.