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Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases

This project aims to support Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases and strengthen Dutch leadership.

Objective of the project


  • the livestock group of GRA together with NZ,
  • the cross-cutting group on Inventories and measurement with Canada, and
  • the thematic group non-ruminants

Main objectives of the GRA-group are:

  • Share and exchange information and methodologies
  • Make an overview of on-going research (stock take) of the members
  • Identify the most effective measures for mitigation
  • Initiate joint programming for the future

The Inventory and Measurement Group will concentrate on issues that affect and benefit more than one of the three Research Groups (livestock, croplands and paddy rice) and that complement and support the Research Groups and promote improved methodological approaches. It will seek to achieve these goals through sharing of information, knowledge, and data on inventory methods and identify priorities for collaboration that would improve comparability, coherence, quality, and verifiability of emissions trends and potential mitigation actions. This cross - cutting group started after the ministerial summit in Rome and started in November 2011 with organizing a workshop on inventory and measurement cross-cutting issues to identify priorities for the group and support effective work planning in 2012.

The thematic group non-ruminants will be implemented and focus on an effective development of a manure management improvement program (MMIP).


Livestock group

  • several reports
  • FACCE JPI Mapping Meeting on Core Theme 4 of the Scientific Research Agenda: Adaptation to Climate Change 22-23 February, 2012, Madrid with poster from the Netherlands.

Inventory and Measurements group

  • several reports

Manure management group

  • several reports
  • First design of Manure management improvement program