Green Wavelength 2011

The event Green Wavelength 2011, has led to new mindsets and alliances for nature and landscape, with favorable reactions from participants and stakeholders. Not only policy makers and scientists discussed, but also citizens, insurers, banks and entrepreneurs.

This meeting would have to be considered as a starting point for further discussion on the future of nature and landscape.

The goal of this project is to publish a booklet with the continuation of the discussion from the findings of the Green Wavelength event and generate a discussion to address politics and policy.

The booklet outlines contributes to the:
  • New (policy) instruments to involve the society and in particular youth more in nature and landscape.
  • New concepts and perspectives for flexible nature policy and - develop  interactive / participatory management.
  • Options for adaptation of the administrative, financial and legal instruments and arrangements for this.
  • Innovative concepts for Biodiversity, perception and social aspects outside the natural areas including sustainable connections between city and country and urban ecology.
  • Testing of the innovative concepts in the areas of integration