Green knowledge-cooperation

The question is how research, education and field practice can deliver a contribution to the strengthening of the nature and landscape sector. The Green Knowledge Cooperation (GKC) is an innovation organisation where green education and research institutes are working with business companies and communities on green knowledge dissemination and utilization.


This project will ensure a good inflow of knowledge developed in the Domain Nature, Landscape and Rural Areas into the GKC theme Nature and Landscape, to enhance the forest and nature conservation sector.

In 2011, researchers made a substantive contribution to the projects Example City Amersfoort and Biomass Valorisation. Also the learning network urban and rural areas of GKC Nature and Landscape has been designed. Presentations and a conference and two workshops were held. Furthermore, there is more collaboration between researchers and staff from the green HBO and MBO education through participation in the program team GKC Nature and Landscape.