H-IS-001 Global Research Alliance

After the climate change negotations in Copenhagen 31 countries joined the Global Research Alliance, in order to find ways to produce more food without growing greenhouse gas emissions.

Within the alliance there are several research groups. The Netherlands are co-coordinating the livestock group, the thematic group non-ruminants and the cross-cutting  group on Inventories and Measurement with Canada.

The research groups will seek to achieve their goals through sharing of information and methodologies. In 2011 the Livestock Research Group has made an overview of on-going research (stocktake) of the members and identities the main factors related to GHG emissions and the most effective measures for mitigation.

Furthermore it will initiate joint programming for the future. The Inventory and Measurement Cross-cutting Group focuses on issues that affect more than one of the three Research Groups (livestock, croplands and paddy rice) and that complement and support the Research Groups and promote improved methodological approaches.