Habitats and ecosystems

With signing the Bern Convention and the Biodiversity treaty, the Netherlands has committed itself to an adequate protection of all endangered species on their territory and to improve and maintain their favourable conservation status.

The realisation of the Ecological Network (EHS) and the Natura 2000 network are important ingredients of the nature policy on sustainable protection of biodiversity.

In addition to the EHS and Natura 2000 network, an active species conservation policy has come into practice, the so-called LGB (Leefgebiedenbenadering). The aim is to improve the administrative cooperation and integration of species conservation policy and to avoid conflicts between nature conservation and socio-economic activities and land-use changes. The current project will evaluate the effectivity of this new species conservation policy LGB in terms of:

  •  favourable conservation status of species of Community interest
  •  their impact on ecosystem services
  •  the creation of legal space for economic activities in relation to the protection of  'strictly protected' endangered species