Halophyte filters

The salinity pressure offers opportunities in many parts of the Dutch coastal plain for reassignment of freshwater dependent production to salt-tolerant to saltwater aquaculture.

Sustainability, closed cycles and move along with climate and salinity are important in the initiation of new forms of agricultural production. It is therefore important to examine how saltwater marshes (halofytenfilters) may contribute to treatment of nutrient enriched effluent from salt production. Simultaneously salty marshes purification can have environmental values in agricultural landscapes along the coastal marine clay which is now ecologically poor.

The goal of this project is to develop high level expertise on technical, economic and social constraints of halofytenfilters (salt marshes purification).

The development of economic support for the border zone of the sea coast optimizes the use and offers additional opportunities for coastal security.

This project will deliver the scientific substantiation and quantification of the concept halofytenfilters'  providing policy-oriented clients tools for sectoral cost-benefit analyzes or land use scenarios.