Reconstructing spatio-temporal bog developments in the Holocene

By Cindy Quik - part of NWO-Vidi-project Home Turf.

Lateral bog expansion significantly alters the physical landscape and understanding the timing, process rates and spatial dynamics of bog expansion is crucial to develop our understanding of earth surface processes in peatland environments and to analyse patterns in human occupation. However, peat inception and lateral expansion have received remarkably little attention, particularly concerning the former extensive bog landscapes of the Northwest European Plain.

PhD candidate Cindy Quik in the field
Peat bog plants

In this project I aim (1) to increase understanding of temperate peatland inception and lateral expansion on the process level, (2) to develop high-resolution palaeogeographical reconstructions for selected study sites, and (3) to relate peatland palaeogeography to cultural patterns from prehistory to modern time. The research is embedded in the overarching Home Turf project and will contribute to proactive strategies for the management of cultural heritage in bog landscapes.

This PhD research is part of the NWO-Vidi-project Home Turf by Dr. Roy van Beek.

You can also vist our project webpage on boglandscapes.

Start PhD project: March 2017

End PhD project: November 2021

Partners and collaborators: Cultural Geography Group, Wageningen University

Information: Please contact me if you wish to receive more information about my project (see contact details above)..