INNO-Giyani - Boosting agribusiness opportunities in Giyani, South Africa


INNO-Giyani - Boosting agribusiness opportunities in Giyani, South Africa

Creating local market opportunities and re-investing in capacity building and agribusiness innovation is key for small holder farmers in Giyani. The Public Private Partnership (PPP) project Inno-Giyani aims at developing the Manombe Cooperative in Giyani as a sustainable and profitable institution.

Maize flour is one of the principle food components, but have to be transported > 500 km from the Free state province. The local production of high quality maize flour is hence the basis for the cooperative business case.

The Public Private Partnership

The setting up within a Public Private Partnership is a new strategy within development work. Building up the related capacity in innovating agribusiness implies that the project cannot be commercial from the beginning.

Open innovation platform for new agribusiness opportunities

The business case starts with the production of a high quality (super) maize flour, which will be purchased by the local SPAR supermarket. During the PPP project and beyond, an Innovation Hub supports the Manombe Cooperative in identifying new business opportunities. An open innovation platform provides to local creative farmers and entrepreneurs possibilities for identifying new niche market products. Increasing the nutrition of maize flour is going to be addressed as well as the utilization of locally produced fruits and vegetables.

Rehabilitation of the former irrigation system

The PPP InnoGiyani undertakes the rehabilitation of 800 ha of the former irrigation scheme in Giyani. The area is used to generate the basis production for the mill by the Cooperative.

Training and Capacity building

Tailor made training and capacity building is provided to the cooperative staff for securing quality in operation and production. Cooperative members can be additionally trained in farm system operation, agribusiness innovation, and marketing.

Refurbishing the cooperative maize mill in Giyani

By re-activating a former maize mill in Giyani, the small holder farmers in the area will now have a possibility to sell maize locally. Before, small holder farmers had been disconnected from a formal market. Due to the modular set-up of the mill, the capacity can be increased with raising production. The mill facility will also host and maintain the cooperative machine park.

INNO-Giyani - Boosting agribusiness opportunities in Giyani, South Africa