Implementation of Access and Benefit Sharing Policies facilitating exchange between India and the Netherlands

Current regulations and practices in India regarding Access and Benefit-Sharing with regard to the exchange of plant germplasm are not conducive to the further development of joint efforts in horticultural research and breeding between parties in India and the Netherlands. Practices in India render it difficult to export horticultural germplasm developed in India, including from a daughter company in India to a daughter company abroad belonging to the same holding.


The aim of the project is to develop an inventory of legislation and regulations India, at the federal and state level, as well as their current implementation vis-à-vis current practices, to analyse shortcomings and options for improvement, and to facilitate an exchange between policy makers of India and the Netherlands promoting the unhampered exchange of germplasm while respecting the provisions on Access and Benefit-Sharing incorporated in international instruments.


This work plan regards a major first step in a more encompassing initiative to foster joint activities in horticultural breeding between parties in India and the Netherlands. This first step regards an inventory and recommendations for further steps. The identification of counterparts in the Indian government, at the federal and state level, and initial consultations with these counterparts form part of the agenda of this project. This work plan does not cover initiatives to render Indian policies and practices more conducive, but should be regarded as a necessary step preparing such initiatives for change.


An analysis of current legislation, regulations and practices in India at the federal and state level (two identified priority states) regarding Access and Benefit-Sharing. Preliminary advice regarding a road map to improvement of exchange of horticultural germplasm to better facilitate breeding efforts in an international context.