Improved soil schematisations

Soil schematisations are currently often based on incomplete information. Results of calculations based on these schematisations are therefore not taken seriously. Therefore, soil schematisations in the Netherlands should be improved


To perform an increasingly cost-effective policy, effective, reliable and realistic models are needed for the government and local authorities. Many model calculations for soils are still based on incomplete information base. They thus appear in practice to be incorrect. Policy makers, land users and land managers often do not believe the model output, which complicates policy implementation. This project aims to provide adequate physical bodemschematisatie to manufacture as an input for various types of modeling studies. Evaluation interviews with policy makers, land users, land managers and users of model results and also an inventory of improved bodemschematisaties in hydrological models are needed. Outcome is a methodology for a rural, physical bodemschematisatie based on modeled and functional characteristics of soil profiles. The method facilitate policy implementation.