Information network agriculture and horticulture


The purpose of the project Business Information Agriculture is to continue data collection on 1,500 companies for the year 2011 and 2012. The data includes a wide range of data and covers both agriculture and horticulture as fishing and forestry companies.

This project collects information from 1500 companies in the primary agriculture and horticulture. These 1225 companies (= target number) supply financial data and data on income from external sources, and the volumes of the use of pesticides, fertilizers, organic fertilizer and energy. For some of the companies (275), the data will be acquired by audit firms and the collection remains limited to the financial ratios.

Results of this project are:

  • Data collection for approximately 1225 companies on financial year 2011 sample completed
  • 1500 companies for fiscal year 2011 submitted to the EU commission
  • 1225 companies in the CSR variant of fiscal year 2012 for 45% committed.