Interactive communication with stakeholders

With knowledge research Wageningen UR lays the basis for answers to questions about three to five years relevant to the Ministry of EL & I, provinces, water boards, municipalities, nature and landscape organizations, agricultural sectors, industry and education.

The Knowledge Program IV (KB-IV) "Sustainable development of blue green space 'is a broad program aimed at generating knowledge for sustainable planning and adaptive management of the green-blue space.

Many parties  are involved in the drafting and implementation of this program: the Ministry of EL & I, the political and administrative organizations, researchers and co-parties. A good communication is vital for the successful execution of the program. The goal of this project is the program to advise, support and facilitate effective communication between stakeholders.

The result is that effective communication contributes to a good cooperation between stakeholders and that the importance of the purpose of the (KB-IV) "Sustainable development of blue green space ' comes into the limelight to the right audience.