International Exchange in Fisheries Sciences

This project funds participation in international science networks and ICES meetings.

This includes the following: Workshop on Sexual Maturity Staging of Herring and Sprat, Working Group on Data and Information Management, Study Group on Biodiversity, Working Group on Fish Ecology, Working Group on Methods of Fish Stock Assessment, Working Group on Multispecies Assessment Methods, Working Group on operational oceanographic products for fisheries and environment, Study Group on the History of Fish and Fisheries, Working Group on Fishery Systems, Strategic initiative on Stock assessment methods, Working Group on Fisheries-Induced Evolution, Working Group on the Implications of Stock Structure, ICES-FAO Working Group on Fishing Technology and Fish Behaviour, Working Group on Fisheries Acoustic Science and Technology, Study Group on Electrical Trawling, Working Group on Integrating Surveys for the Ecosystem Approach, Workshop on the Identification of clupeoid, flatfish, gadoids and other fish larvae, Working Group on Integrated Assessments of the North Sea.

Many of the networks that add value to the KBWOT programme and the advisory process require support to ensure the R&D remains state of the art and cost efficient. These groups are core to the development of KBWOT and to maintaining Wageningen UR IMARES as not only a centre of excellence but also an institute for innovation and world leader in fisheries research. The network provided by these groups provides great added value to the KBWOT.


Participation through attending meeting, report writing, data synthesis and video conferencing.


Each group produces a report available at the ICES website and many groups produce published papers. The work of these groups is on-going. It often leads to very applied research, more conceptual outputs or direct advice.