Juridification agro-sector

The Dutch Ministry of EL&I has drawn attention to the phenomenon of juridification. Like other parts of the economy, the agricultural sector is also faced with this trend, both on law and on market chain, environment, and space. This project aims to complete a scoping study to juridification in the agricultural sector.


Question is whether the Dutch agricultural sector is well equipped to deal with. LEI Wageningen UR explores the causes and solutions partly on the basis of three case studies: Space and ammonia, Patent and Biobased Economy.

The first case study shows that spatial congestion is a major source of juridification. Another important source are the nature and environmental directives of the European Union. To combat excessive juridification, it is useful for the agricultural sector to look critically to legislation.

Furthermore, it is important to learn how to take it into account in the operation, and to deal with the various forms of juridification. Research, education and information can contribute to this.