Knowledge dissemination of innovation and steering of the spatial domain

The project supports the repositioning of the Ministry of Economic Affairs by means of proper knowledge exchange and knowledge dissemination.


This project provides knowledge exchange between- and coordination of the five research tracks: control by the Dutch Ministry of EL&I, cluster development, innovation, knowledge mediation short questions, and knowledge dissemination. Other goals are: facilitating the consultative group meetings for problem owners of the five research tracks, facilitating the spread between the results of the five research tracks for NLP, DRZ and AKV, and disclose and translate existing knowledge about the area for new policy and questions. The project supports the repositioning of the Ministry for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge. Achievements are smooth coordination and alignment between the project leaders of the five research tracks, exchange in the focus group, spreading knowledge for area development processes, and evaluating and communicating flexible, fast and demand-driven policy research. Important conclusion is that collaboration between project managers and contacts of related research tracks has an added value by efficiency, sharing experiences and information, and learn from each other.