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Lake Burullus: towards an integrated approach of the wise use of wetlands, sustainable water resources management and agricu

Study the feasibility of aquaculture at Lake Burullus.

Objective of the project

  • Status description of the Lake based on gathering and analysing scientifically sound data (water quality, retention capacity, salinity content, water exchange with the sea, situation of the livelihoods of the fishermen, biodiversity).
  • Proposals for the future management including a demarcation between the capture fisheries and aqua fishery.
  • National Conference to increase the awareness on the importance of wetlands for water management and climate change.
  • An additional objective is to develop a business case for Water Mondiaal focusing on how to tackle the impact of sea level rise along the coast of Egypt.


  • Analyses of land use changes in and around lake Burullus over the past 20 years based on analyses of satelte images and insight in the water quality and the changes in the fish stocks including the impact on the local livelihoods.
  • 2 reports