Leaders in innovation

The enlarged business network 'Value network' brings companies in the diversified agriculture, policy and research together. These companies can bring in their experience in research and policy and thus help to determine the policy and research agenda.

In the context of research agenda, the value workers find it important to focus on young entrepreneurs in the multifunctional agriculture. The advice was to create a new network to be set, called Junior Value network. End of 2010 was the first meeting of the Junior Valuenetwork a fact. Junior Working Waard has virtually the same objectives as the networks Waardewerken, namely inspiration, knowledge sharing and learning and agenda and soundboards.

The goal of this project is working to privatize the network value and secondly to establish a new network aimed at young innovative entrepreneur sin multifunctional agriculture, the Junior Waardewerken.

After a comprehensive orientation to turn the Valuenetwork into  an independent network it has shown that this has insufficient support among the participants. The network is now ended.

The result for the Junior Valuenetwork:

- Research Agenda prepared:

  1. takeover
  2. working together in the family.
  3. the connection between the agricultural branch of the company and the multi-mode (s).

- Education: Wishes of young entrepreneurs multifunctional mapped and the role of education in this green and gray.

- Internal: A well-functioning network is established with active use of social media (LinkedIn). Participants professionalize faster as a result of participation in Junior Valuenetwork.