With a focus on the territorial waters of Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, the proposed MASPNOSE project aims to facilitate concrete, cross-border cooperation among European countries on ecosystem-based maritime spatial planning (MSP).

Building on previous and ongoing initiatives, the project will explore opportunities for collaboration among North Sea countries and envision an international strategy for the Southern North Sea, establishing elements for a common agenda for cooperation of countries in the region.

MASPNOSE will examine in detail the development of MSP in Belgian, Dutch, German and Danish waters while focusing heavily on cross-border issues and opportunities in areas shared by these countries.



Involved Employees:

Arie van Duijn, Bas Bolman, Christine Röckmann, David Goldsborough, Hans van Oostenbrugge, Jan van Tatenhove, Martin Pastoors, Rian Schelvis, Birgit de Vos