Mapping the Winners – Towards Stochastic Multi-Actor Competition Diagrams

Competition between actors (e.g. species, strains, companies) is a key feedback mechanism in many ecological and economic systems. System parameters like weather effects, nutrition supply or market conditions influence which actors will dominate their competitors.

The relation between parameters and dominating actors can be mapped using so-called competition diagrams. These diagrams are commonly created using simplified differential equation models. Agent-based models have been proposed as a stochastic alternative, and could create more interesting and varied diagrams. However, this concept has only been briefly discussed in scientific literature.

In this MSc project, we want to establish how stochastic competition diagrams can be created, and how the resulting dominance regions can be described. It could lead to a better understanding of how random chance influences the success of companies or species through competition. The described challenge is a clear gap in scientific knowledge, and any useful solution will be highly publishable.


This research can be undertaken as desk research at Biometris, or including a case study with another department. Students are encouraged to supply their own ideas for application cases.

Used skills

Systems modelling, design of computational experiments, data analysis and visualization.


Experience with systems modelling, experience with data analysis, interest in challenging conventional systems modelling concepts.