Methods for vine weevil control

The goal of this project is to select for the optimal active plant attractant and the best application method for monitoring the vine weevil in the field.

Development of traps and baits (combination of attractant, feeding stimulant and insecticide or biological) are a direct development of lure & kill strategy for practical use. Bait development is a follow-up project where industry and research cooperate, that should lead to a product for vine weevil control.

The vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) is often cited as the number one insect pest in the major nursery production areas throughout the United States as well as in northern Europe. Traditional management of the vine weevil centers on the use of insecticide sprays targeted at adults during their preoviposition period in an attempt to avert egg laying. However, nurseries continually have problems timing spray applications and most insecticides for this pest have now been banned in the Netherlands. The advent of effective adult attractants would revolutionise current vine weevil management programs. Not only will spray timing be vastly improved, but new management tactics such as mass trapping and attract and kill strategies may prove to be possible. The techniques and means developed are also useful instruments for the development of similar control strategies of other pest weevil species.


Effective attractants will be developed into efficient monitoring and/or management tools. Traps and baits are the concrete products that will be integrated in a pest management program for vine weevil.