Monitoring Cod Catches

As part of the cod recovery plan, it is possible to transfer the surplus-sea days from the beam trawl gear to TR1 and TR2 vehicles. The correction is based on the Catch per unit of fishing (CPUE) of cod.

Currently, the difference in CPUE between beam and TR harnessis  large, so the correction factor is unfavorable. To be able to apply effective management, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation (EL & I) wants more insight into the CPUE for cod for TR1 and TR2 vehicles. To calculate the total catch of TR1 and TR2, and hence the CPUE of cod, a monitoring program is needed.

The aim of this project is to set up a research program to monitore the catch and locations of cod (oversized and undersized - supply and discards) for TR1 and TR2 Dutch vessels for one year.

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