Monitoring & Supporting pilots / experiments on population shrinkage

In 2009 an action plan was developed named ‘Shrinking with Quality’. Part of this Action plan are several pilots and experiments in the region with the aim to deal with the causes and effects of shrinkage.

The goal of this project is to provide these experiments with advise, knowledge and expertise from the EL&I ministry (Economics, Agriculture & Innovation) because their help was asked. The emphasis will be mostly on the project in Delfzijl and Heerlen.

Findings are reported in the area of enforceability, involved actors, administrative commitment, participation, innovation and external spillovers. In both communities they mostly worked on concept development. This collected ideas about potential spatial use, but not about the way of organizing and role division. Citizen participation is still low, but that applies more to the shrink-pilots than the developments in the areas themselves. Citizens are in fact quite active in both places.