Multi-stress due to pesticides

For dominant crops such as lily, apple, pear and potato, the risks of the overall package of pesticides to aquatic organisms is evaluated.

This is done by using scenarios and models. The research is part of the decision tree Water Multi-stress project. Alterra carries out the research together with RIVM, Deltares and Ctgb. Participation of experts from Wageningen University in the decision tree water stress multi-group guarantees that the results of the study are included within the decision tree Water Multi-stress project. The decision tree Water Code is an important tool for Dutch admission policy. It contributes to the development of European guidance in the field of aquatic risk assessment of pesticides.

First results of the impact assessment show that the insecticide lambda-cyhalothrin in the package is the greatest risk to aquatic organisms. The bulk of the multi-stress risks is determined by 1 or 2 substances, especially the insecticide. The first model calculations show that the recovery of susceptible organisms is just as fast by a separate exposure to the insecticide lambda-cyhalothrin than to the total mixture.