Natura 2000 habitat types in relation to SNL

Natura 2000 areas must be evaluated on quality for the species for which the areas are intended for.


For the assessment of the national "conservation" of sorts, it is necessary to list the "habitats" for the species. Furthermore, in the Natura 2000 Standard Data Form for each area has to be indicated what is the quality of the habitat for the species for which the area is designated.

This project contributes to the coordination between the monitoring efforts in the context of SNL and the knowledge needs within VHR reports.

The result of this project is an interim report: This project will be continued in 2012 within WOT-IN.

Another result is a database with linking information from different studies. Initially, an estimate is given of breeding habitats. Because the project involves land, freshwater and national waters, the non-breeding birds, hibernating bats and marine species are disregarded.