New ideas

This project aims to identify ideas for a renewed program for the theme Vulnerability animal and public health. New ideas are welcome regarding food safety.

The new theme is designed to reduce and control the risk of an outbreak of animal diseases while simultaneously reducing the use of antibiotics in livestock farming. The ambition of this theme provides new opportunities for new ideas.

The Central Veterinary Institute of Wageningen UR coordinates the project. Various ministries, business, industry and consumers involve in generating useful new ideas. Main result is a number of new research proposals. The outcome of a workshop and several interviews show that attention is still needed for epidemiology of bacteria from food and other sources from animals to humans.

There is much attention to knowledge about transmission routes and sources of infection. Specific attention is drawn to hepatitis E and T. gondii infection. In addition, the risk-based meat inspection in the slaughterhouse is important in the coming years.