fertiliser application


Nitro Europe (EU project)

The use of nitrogen (primarily through fertilizer) over the past century has led to a tremendous increase in crop yields which shows pace with the increase in world population.

In large parts of Europe, America and Asia this has led to environmental impacts:

  • reduction in species richness of nature
  • climate change caused by emissions of greenhouse gases nitrous oxide and methane
  • deterioration of the quality of surface and ground water as a result of the leaching of nitrogen.

This trend continues in the coming decades and leads to further environmental condition unless responsible nutrient management offers a solution address this issue.

The main objective of the project is to quantify the effect of changes in land use and management on the supply of reactive nitrogen and thus:

  • the net emissions of greenhouse gases from terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
  • nitrogen deposition on nature (link with biodiversity)
  • the net removal of N to ground and surface water on a local scale, landscape scale and European scale.

This project responds to the question of the effect of changes in climate, land use and management on greenhouse gas emissions in both agriculture and non agriculture at different scales from landscape to Europe. The communication with the market is shaped by an External Advisory Group, which stake holders are members of various political bodies and industry. The project contributes to the creation of a European Research Area (ERA) for nitrogen.