Opportunities of climate change for entrepeneurs

Exploratory research shows that entrepreneurs in recreation, tourism and agriculture are aware of global climate change. But they don't yet reason with it or do not know how and in what way they can adjust their operations / business into an opportunity.

The threats and opportunities of climate change are not yet converted into adaptation strategies.

The goal is to study how entrepreneurs in the agriculture, tourism and recreation in rural areas experiencing climate change. In addition, based on regional and national knowledge,  the goal is to create form and content to regional and industry specific adaptation strategies, and to calculate the impact on the regional economy of the corresponding action perspectives.

The supposed awareness about the consequences of climate change should lead to the identification and development opportunities in a regional approach for the region of Zeeland Flanders.
The study is aimed at Zeeland Flanders within the Southwest Delta , because this region is the first  that has to deal  with shifting climatic limits.