Optimizing intercultural competence development during international internships (Wurks International)

Worldwide, increased attention is paid to students’ intercultural competences (ICC).

ICC is seen as one of the ‘21st century skills’, which are believed to be key success factors in today’s world. Although increased consensus has been reached about the importance of ICC, the question remains how schools can translate the abstract concept into concrete methods with which educators can coach students in the development of their intercultural competence during internationalization. Our project aims to examine to what extent, and how, a rubric be instrumental in students’ development of ICC. Based on literature, we developed a rubric targeted at assessing ICC and evaluated the usage of the rubric with students and teachers. First findings indicate that the rubric can facilitate students’ understanding of the concept of ICC and that it has the potential of helping students to reflect on their level of ICC and provide argumentation. It also can help them to formulate learning goals. The coming period we examine what is needed for teachers to actually implement the rubric in their curricula in order to reach optimal learning outcomes.

Project Team