PRESENCE (Baviaanskloof)

The approach for “Restoration” is transdiciplinary and the project is using the Speerpunt Ecosystem & Landscape Services (SELS) framework in combination with other frameworks developed by researchers in South Africa.

Over the years we have worked to refine this framework. We continue working on the further refinement of this framework as we are trying to implement a Payments for Environmental Services (PES) scheme in  South Africa. The further understanding of the processes underlying the implementation of the different components of the workshop will assist in implementing the PES scheme and ultimately living landscapes.

The objective of this project is to test, apply and refine  SELS/PRESENCE framework and mainstream and implement the Payment for ecosystem services.


Frameworks can be either highly useful or terribly tiresome in terms of trying to capture a complex ‘reality’. They may enlighten the research context in terms of providing a clear understanding of how all the pieces fit together, or they may become a source of confusion that leads project partners into a downward spiral of discussion! Often after being developed, framework components are implemented in an ‘isolated’ manner and the PRESENCE approach envisage to integrate this various components in multi/trans disciplinary ways.


1) Research and training
2) Workshops and conference
3) Publications and media-attention