With the increasing focus on regional development in agriculture, regional policy is essential. The EU Member States are obliged to carry out impact assessments for all major policies. In addition, the effect on sustainable development are evaluated.

This sustainable development takes place locally, while the policy is made at national or European level. The development of a process for national results of models such as MAGNET translate to regional levels is crucial.

MAGNET is an international trade model, based on the international consortium through the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) developed GTAP model. The MAGNET model will be used for the analysis of the impact of EU agricultural policy on land use, production and income, or impact of biofuels on land use policy or meat consumption in the world.

The goal of this project is to "downscale" results from national to regional level, results of general equilibrium model MAGNET.

The MAGNET model is extended with a module to the national results of this model to translate the regional level, including a user-friendly interface in which the downscaling with the push of a button can occur after running a scenario with MAGNET.