Pilot Windparks

In 2020 the Netherlands wants to have realized 20% renewable wind energy. Due to lack of space on the land means that more wind farms have to be offshore This has to be far offshore and in deeper water.

In the offshore (pilot) wind farms, each initiative on the combination possibilities stopped. The offshore wind supply companies and investors think this is still a bridge too far and see many obstacles: technically not feasible  andtoo many major safety and environmental insurance risks. If the wind farms combine fishing and aquaculture than is involvement and input from many offshore experiences obvious.

The aim of the Maritime Campus Netherlands (MCN) Blueprint project is to develop a feasibility scan for the combination of large offshore wind energy production such as shovel-marine animals, fish and seaweeds.

The Netherlands achieves  the offshore wind targets 20% in 2020 and he fisheries sector continue to produce by combining it with fisheries and aquaculture.